Hitting those break points in Visual Studio

Getting visual studio to hit break points can at time be a little frustrating. It will work for months on end and then decide to not work.  Below are some points to trying to track down where the error is.

IIS 7:
Sites –> –> .Net Compilation –> Behaviour –> Debug = True

<%@ Page Language=”VB” Debug=”true” …. %>
<%@ Page Language=”C#” Debug=”true” …. %>

Attach to process:
Select managed and native code; I get better results than auto.

Third to last resort:
Delete the contents of obj within the dll directory
Delete the contents of the bin directory

Kill w3p.exe and IE <try>

Kill w3p.exe and IE, VS, restart IIS

Second to last resort the modules window
Debug –> Windows –> Modules
Check the synbol status of your dll

If not loaded highlight the required dll.
Modules Window –> Load symbols from –> Symbol Path

Last resort
<I have not had to get quite this desperate yet!>
Tools –> Options –> Debugging –> Symbols
Play with symbol locations and also the symbols cach.