Set Up / Enable The Event Log Under Mono & GNU/Linux

The following is instructions on how to enable the Event Log under Mono running in GNU/Linux.

In short Mono writes to log files within /var/lib/mono/eventlog if the environment variable MONO_EVENTLOG_TYPE is set to local.

  1. Create the following directory :/var/lib/mono/eventlog
  2. Permission the directory so that your user can create files within the directory. Seeing as this functionality is only required when I am using MonoDevelop, I changed the ownership & group to my that of the user I log in with.
  3. Set Environment Variable MONO_EVENTLOG_TYPE to local. I did this by adding the following into the file /etc/environment: MONO_EVENTLOG_TYPE=local
  4. Please note /etc/environment is for Debian based Linux only
  5. Load environment variable from above by rebooting. Only kidding what do you think this is windows? Run: . /etc/profile
  6. Test environment variable is set with: env | grep MONO
  7. Or Test with: echo $MONO_EVENTLOG_TYPE

Install Latest Mono & MonoDevelop Under Linux

Big Kudos to Timotheus Pokorra for his Mono / MonoDevelop repository

This has been working perfectly for me for a few months. It is so far being kept up to date with the main git repository.

My only gripe is that the NUnit packages which come pre-reinstalled do not contain the fluent interfaces.