Day 7 – Dot NET On Linux – Installing and a quick tour of Monodevelop monodevelop-database plugin


Monodevelop comes with a database plugin which can allow you to connect to various databases including MySQL. Once connected you can write and run SQL as well as access wizards to create and modify schema.

The Source Code

This post is part of my Dot Net On Linux posts. All the source is available on GitHub here


The monodevelop database plugin is available within the LMDE repositories; install by running the following command:

sudo apt-get install monodevelop-database

A quick tour

All menu items can be found under the Tools –> Database menu.

The database pad shows a tree view of connected databases and their schema. Access by View –> Pads –> Database Viewer menu.

Adding a Database Connection

Open the database connection dialog by opening Tool –> Databases –> Add Database Connection.

Enter a name for the connection along with the user name and password. Test the connection and select OK. The default port should be 3306.

Running Queries

Open a query window by selecting Tools –> Databases –> Query Database. Alternatively if you have the Database Viewer Pad open highlight the database and select Query Database from the context menu.

Schema Changes

Schema changes can be made via the query windows. Alternatively there is a create table dialog box which has some functionality.  It appears to be missing identity index though I did not investigate for much time as I personally prefer Workbench. Some screen shots below of the create table dialog box.


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