Developing C# ASP.NET MVC & WCF Web Services in Linux

I am not sure what I am trying to prove in these articles. Personal ‘learning development’ is always high on the agenda being a software developer, however making the programming skills I learn in my spare time applicable to my job as a .NET Developer is sometimes a hard choice being such a Linux enthusiast.

On one side I would like to see if it is possible to write and deploy an ASP.NET MVC website on Linux, while on the other hand I would like to develop the skills which are applicable to my job.

Hopefully once I have tested the water with these skills in Linux, I will be able to think of a worth wile personal development project which can provide me a bases to improve to the skills needed in my job while satisfying my hobby of coding under Linux.

Below is a list of skills, technologies and frameworks which I use daily in my job. I would like to improve these skills in some way; even if it is just to see if I can code these in Linux.

  •     C#
  •     ASP.NET MVC
  •     ASP.NET
  •     ADO.NET
  •     Unit Testing
  •     Mock Testing
  •     Source Control
  •     Database Access
  •     WCF Web Services
  •     SQL
  •     Generics
  •     Linq
  •     Lambda Expressions
  •     Object Relational Mapping (NHibernate/Entity)
  •     JavaScript/JQuery
  •     CSS

The mission plan

  1. Provide a series of How-To articles providing insight into my first exploit of developing .NET technologies under Linux.
  2. Provide the source code on line.
  3. Hopefully to provide help to someone else by writing about my experience.

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