Day 0 – Dot NET on Linux – Installing Mono and MonoDevelop

The Source Code

This post is part of my Dot Net On Linux posts. All the source the source code is available on GitHub here

Latest Mono & MonoDevelop Repository

Information on a repository with the latest Mono and MonoDevelop, for all Linux flavors, can be found here.


Before we start coding we need a development environment.

I am using LMDE which has more upto date environments than LM or Ubuntu. It even supports the Entity framework


Open up Synaptic and install the following packages.

  • monodevelop (
  • mono-xsp2
  • mono-xsp4
  • mono-gmcs
  • monodoc-browser,
  • asp.net2-examples

Alternative you can copy and paste the following command into a terminal

sudo apt-get install mono-mcs mono-xsp2 mono-xsp4 monodevelop monodoc-browser asp.net2-examples

What have I installed?

  • MonoDevelop is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for a number of languages and technologies.
  • Mono-xsp2 is an ASP.NET 3.0/4.0 Web Server.
  • Mono-gmcs is a C# 2.0 and C# 3.0 compiler. The default MVC setup which comes with Mono wanted to use .NET 3.5 while the .Net 4 compiler came as standard.
  • Monodoc-browser allows us to see the compiled Mono development documentation; on-line version is available.
  • ASP.net2-examples is a web site coded in ASP.NET which is used to show some examples of using the ASP.NET API.

This will allow us to code, compile and deploy in C# .NET 2/3/4 as well as create ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC website and run them locally.


Just to prove that we have installed everything I am going to run the XSP2 web server pointing at the ASP.NET 2 example projects which we have previously downloaded.

cd /usr/share/

To view the example web sites copy this into your browser.


And we have ASP.NET 2 Web site running on Linux


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