ATI Graphics Drivers & Debian / Linux Mint Debian based system

After a recent adventure with Linux Mint Debian I had to reinstall my ATI graphics drivers. A simple process;

These instructions will install ATI graphics drivers from the repositories for Debian and Linux Mint Debian. These should work for other debian based system however they have more than likely configured your graphics drivers for you.

Open up your core repositories to have main contrib non-free.

Either su into root or use sudo and install with

apt-get install fglrx-driver fglrx-control

Then set up with

aticonfig --initial

Reboot and confirm everything is working with


Days in a month

One thing which amazes me is the lack of some basic programmability in SQL especially around some core requirements of T-SQL. Dates is one of them.

To get the number of days in a month we get the first day in the month and the last. We then subtract from each other. One contains the 1st of this month and the other contains the 1st of next month. The minus includes one of the days but not the other.

The first day is found by taking todays day of the month, minusing it from 1 (-day of month + 1 ) and then adding it to today day of the month which equates to 1.

the last day of the month / 1st day of next month is found by adding 1 month onto the first day

declare @daysInMonth as int
declare @firstMonth as dateTime
declare @firstNextMonth as dateTime

set @firstMonth = DATEADD (d, 1 - DAY(GETDATE()), GETDATE())
set @firstNextMonth = DATEADD(m, 1, DATEADD (d, 1 - DAY(GETDATE()), GETDATE()))
set @daysInMonth =  DATEDIFF(day,@firstMonth, @firstNextMonth)
select @daysInMonth