HDTemp and Conky

Conky’s execi command can be use to execute any terminal line application and then display the output. We can use this with hdtemp to display the temperature of the hard disk.

sudo apt-get install hdtemp

Say yes to run as a start-up service and also accept the default port of 7634.

Open a terminal and type

nc localhost 7634

My output looks a little like this.


As you can see the temperature is 41|C.

What we need to do is pipe the output of nc into the cut command to remove the surplus output to leave us with 41. We can then display this in the conky output

Either count along to what looks like the first number of the temperature and replace the c-24 with c-<yournumber>-c

nc localhost 7634  | cut -c24-25

run the command and make sure you are good to go.

Then copy the following into your .conkyrc

${execi 300 nc localhost 7634  | cut -c24-25;}°C


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