Sun VirtualBox USB / Networking in Debian Squeeze

Before we begin

  • Add your user to vboxusers user group


  • Create a folder which you would like to be accessible inside the guest OS
  • In VBox manager; Settings –> Shared Folders –> Add folder
  • In Guest OS you can access the drive through the network. In windows XP; net use: \\Vboxsvr\vboxshare or via windows net work in windows explorer.


  • If you would likst to access usb hard disks then dd the following into /etc/fstab “none /proc/bus/usb usbfs rw,user,devgid=119,devmode=0666 0 0″.
  • Note the devgid needs to be set to the goup id of the vboxusers user group.
  • In VBox manager; Settings –> USB. Enable USB Controller and also enable your actual controller(s).
  • USB device filter; ticked entries are automatically mapped when you start the guestt OS.
  • You can turn them devices on and off inside the guest OS; Devices –> USB devices

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