A flicker free conky

My conky was a little wonky. I had flickering and a constant resizing issue. I had not had this for several years; conky just seemed to work for me. I have two laptops running Debian Squeeze one is perfect the other brought back haunting memories of trying to fix this last time.

  • Install wmctrl; “apt-get install wmctrl


  1. Turn on dbe x module; this seemed to actually be on by default.
  2. If you don’t have xorg.conf see my previous post
  3. Inside /etc/X11/xorg.cong load the dbe module
  4. Look for a section called ‘Section “Module”‘ and underneath add ‘Load “dbe”

Section “Module”
Load  “glx”
Load  “dbe”


Add the following into ~/conkyrc

  • Place before “TEXT
  • Note you will need to change the dimensions of the max and min size to be your required size; the only important requirement here is that they should both be equal

double_buffer yes
own_window no

minimum_size 300 1000 # WIDTH HEIGHT
maximum_size 300 1000 # min and max should be equal

  • Place as the very last line

${execi 6000000 wmctrl -a conky}


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